Team 207

The Phoenix Project

Bird Street Elementary School is a Title I, K-5 school located in Oroville, CA. We serve 195 students, most of whom are socioeconomically disadvantaged. In recent years, we have noticed our students' state, district and classroom test scores are declining, especially in the area of math. We believe that every child can and will learn and needs a targeted, explicit intervention program that meets each individual's learning need and allows them the time to grow.  Every child in the school will be a part of a targeted instruction intervention program developed by our teaching staff.
As a small staff of only seven teachers, we understand the importance of working collaboratively in achieving positive change at our school. Not having colleagues at the same grade level has necessitated working as a school-wide, vertical team of teachers. Through shared professional readings, conference attendance & training in the PLC process, we have developed a professional learning community at Bird Street Elementary School in which every teacher at our school is an active member.