Team 212

Brain Grant Part II - Why Don't Students Like School?

Without a doubt, we have seen a great need to better understand and utilize the human brain and its function to benefit all stakeholders in the education process.  In our current environment, all educators must become familiar with how the human brain is being stimulated by the ever-changing world around us.  Significant advances in brain research will provide educators with tremendous opportunities to effectively use brain research in our classrooms. Our team is committed to further researching the efficacy of brain-based learning and teaching methods.

Furthermore, there still is a great need to address a variety of pedagogical and technological strategies in order to reach more of our students, especially those who struggle the most. Unfortunately, educators with great intentions often fail to address these needs due to a lack of understanding, proper training and adequate funding.  Consequently, countless learning opportunities are lost, and many students fail as a result. In addition, professional development and brain-based action research in secondary schools are seriously lacking within our community. Our grant has provided and will continue to provide such learning opportunities to other teachers and students.