Team 221

The Missing LinC

Across the United States, both standardized test scores and reports from teachers attest to the fact that many adolescents struggle with reading, especially when facing expository, content area text (Kamil, 2003).  The same story is true at our rural northern California school.  While we have had success in literacy, specific subgroups of our student population continue to struggle with content area literacy and will be at risk and underprepared for the rigors of high school and beyond if we are not able to address this problem.

The Missing LinC attempts to address this area of need; to expand a unified literacy plan, infused with the technological skills students need in the 21st Century, and to find innovative ways to support the social/emotional learning of these students and the parenting skills of these students’ families.

If ALL students can leave 8th grade with the literacy skills they need to be successful, we will have found The Missing LinC.