Team 226

Academic Language & Teamwork For ALL

We have identified three major problems or challenges that our team is highly motivated to address:

1)Many of our students lack experiences that provide them with opportunities to develop their background knowledge, make connections, and build learning bridges. As a result of the increasing poverty level within our community and the rural nature of our county, many of our students rarely leave the county to experience academically-rich activities. 

2)With an increasing emphasis placed on language arts and mathematics within our school and district, science and social studies programs and curriculum aren't given the time and attention they deserve. Our students need oral communication and problem-solving skills as well as the content specific knowledge in order to have a competitive advantage in our current job market.

3)Our students are challenged in the ability to work in teams. They need skills to be able to listen and communicate with each other, conduct oral presentations, and to be an effective collaborator and contributor.

Our student population currently consists of 54% free and reduced lunch and an increasing number of English Language Learners. Our students are coming to school with a growing need for academic language and team-building opportunities.

As teachers, we see the need for innovative strategies and approaches to increase academic language, facilitate productive oral communication, generate opportunities for collaborative team building, and increase access to science and social studies content and curriculum.

We need a teaching methodology and a set of unique strategies that enables us to overcome the above outlined challenges to best meet the needs of out students.