Team 235

Academic Language

Alturas Elementary School has 369 students where 69.7% are white (not Hispanic), 20.1% Hispanic or Latino, 7.9% American Indian or Alaska Native, 3.3% Asian, .6% African American, and 2.1% are two or more races.  49% of the school population is socioeconomically disadvantaged, 5% are English Learners, and 2% have disabilities.  Alturas has a high low-income community.  One of the problems at our school is that our English Language Learners and some English-only students have low academic language.  We would like to target our English Learners and English-only populations with low receptive vocabulary.  They have little to no experience with school language.  There is also little to no involvement in using language.  This affects our school district’s ability to attain at or above grade level in all language arts.  We, as a staff, would like to find professional development that would teach us ways to get these students where they need to be.  Therefore our question is how do we develop and increase vocabulary for our diverse and English only students who have a low receptive vocabulary?