Team 242

The Impact of School Bonding on Varied Student Populations

Vineyard STEM Magnet is a K-8 in Ontario with 750 students and a high population of Hispanic EL and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Teachers on our middle school team received a grant to increase their knowledge of brain-compatible instruction last year. As part of that grant, over the past year, we have received training on brain-compatible instruction and collected data on student achievement, engagement and bond to teacher, classroom and school. We found that the majority of our students do not have strong bonding to Vineyard, their teachers, or classmates. This results in negative behaviors like bullying, classroom disruptions, and carelessness with school property. Research has found that a student's level of bonding to their school greatly affects their social emotional health, academic engagement, achievement, behavior, and rate of attendance. We believe that increasing school bonding will benefit our students in a multitude of ways, including building critical 21st Century Skills necessary for college and career readiness. 

Mt. Baldy School is a K-8 school with 100 students, a majority of whom are English only and come from a high socioeconomic status. We would like to include this school to assess the impact our proposed intervention has on opposing student demographics.