Team 243

Learning to Write; Writing to Learn for English Learners Part II

Lathrop Elementary, our Pre-K-8 school of over 1,000 students, continues to have the highest population of Spanish speaking students in the Manteca Unified School District. 37% of our population is comprised of English Learners with 73% being Social-Economically Challenged.   

As a result of our previous Teacher-Based Reform (T-BAR) funding, we have established Learning Teams for English Language Learners.  CELDT levels have begun to demonstrate increased levels of proficiency in language development, and are beginning to show increased reclassification in grades 3rd -8th grades. However, CELDT results were inconsistent, both within and across grade levels.

In order to continue the progress we have observed, our T-BAR team has decided to continue to implement additional writing strategies across grade levels while beginning to incorporate a transition into the Common Core ELA Standards. Our focus on ELD for consistent implementation of academic instruction will continue. We will also do so through the partnership we have in place with the Great Valley Writing Project (GVWP), College of Education at CSU Stanislaus. Our teacher team is willing to continue our challenge of leadership.