Team 245

Literacy Development for Transient Students

Out of the 1400 - 1500 students enrolled at SJCOE Court and Community Schools (More specifically the one.Program,) approximately one-third of the expelled and adjudicated youth attending remain enrolled for 90 days or longer.  This fact is coupled with the fact that students are referred to the one.Program deficient in credits as well as in their academic skills, often experiencing large gaps in their education when they are truant or otherwise absent from school  Other challenges including physical and emotional abuse, drug abuse by students and/or their parents/guardians or abandonment have led many students in the one.Program to prioritize basic survival over their studies.  Data from the one.Program's Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), an online assessment tool maintained by Northwest Evaluation Association, indicates that the average grade level equivalent in reading of students entering the one.Program is 4.75.

With this said, how can we improve literacy for such a transient population while maintaining rigor and academic continuity to those students who continue beyond the 90-day norm?