Team 258

Professional Development for Teachers in the 21st Century

This year John Ehrhardt Elementary culminated its 20th anniversary and was honored as a California Distinguished School. Despite the aicolades, our school struggles to achieve excellence for every student. ln English language arts (ELA), Standardized Testing'and Rgporting (STAR) scores reveal that all student groups have improved in three years. However, our economically disadvantaged students, a growing subgroup, representing 45.657o of the student population scored 15% less in ELA compared to all students.

ln efforts to increase achievement, oul team has reexamined o0r instiuctional approach in ELA. Weare currently using our 2002 state-adopted ELA materials. Our students often aie disengaged when the lessons are disconnected to their everyday lives. But when technology is infused into the lessons, students become more attentive and thoughtful in their learning. How can we enhance instruction and dgsign lessons lhat are interactive and meaniqgful to improve.engagqment? Are traditional methods sometimesbetterthantechnology-enhancedmethods?

Our professional development goal is to increase reading comprehension for our economically disadvantaged students by learning how to 1) maximize high-quality, first instruction to differentiate techniques for checking for understanding; and 2) integrate technology to enhance instruction to motivate and engage students.