Team 276

Learning to Write, Writing to Learn

At Apricot Valley Elementary School we currently do not have an adopted writing problem, we would like to rectify this problem.  Without a writing curriculum we are finding writing gets “squeezed” in wherever it will fit in the daily schedule, with no rhyme or reason to the lessons being taught. As a result, writing at Apricot Valley is an overall weakness for our students. The lack of writing ability ranges from not being able to create coherent sentences in the lower grades (K-2) to not capitalizing proper nouns and using correct punctuation in the upper grades (3-5).  

We would like to receive professional development in the area of writing to better equip our current students with a focus on kindergarten through third grade. When these students reach the fourth grade level and have to participate in the STAR writing test we will have a good measurement of the implementation of the professional development we will receive. 

With a combination of attending conferences/workshops and on site professional development our students will be more effective communicators and will continue to progress towards reaching our ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap in writing.