Action Research Reporting

Reporting Instructions 


We have appreciated your efforts to provide us with updates on the valuable work you have been doing in year one of the project. This information has been a critical component in helping us to make this project a success. Based on what we have learned from doing our own action research on the Teachers’ PD INC project we have implemented some changes for year two. Key in our “lessons learned” from year one is the need to improve the reporting system.

The revised system is driven by two essential features. First it gives more ownership to each member on the team, which better reflects the collaborative professional learning communities you are building. Second, it streamlines the reporting process for the team leaders while at the same time providing more in- depth information to the regional advisors, with the goal being to strengthen the communication between advisors and their teams. This process will also provide the team leader with a better understanding of the team dynamics and a snapshot of what is working and what topics should be foremost on the agenda for the next team meeting. 

For uniformity among team members and project teams, we have designed a conceptual model of action research cycle that captures essential components of each phase in the action research model that is uniquely designed for this project.

Important! Each team member is responsible for submitting their own Action Research Survey based on the intervention they are implementing in their classroom. 


For each reporting period fill out the survey (or surveys) which correspond to the step (or steps) of the Action Research cycle that you have implemented during this reporting period. Each survey is a questionnaire designed to capture responses unique to a single phase of the Action Research cycle. 

Additionally, if you have attended a Professional Development during the reporting period, you must complete a Professional Development Survey for each event that you attended.

NOTE: If you have questions about some of the items in the survey, refer to the explanation of the PD INC Action Research Model here. The schedule for when your surveys should be completed can be found here.

Action Research Step 1 Survey

Action Research Step 2 Survey

Action Research Step 3 Survey

Action Research Step 4 Survey

Action Research Step 5 Survey

Professional Development Survey

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How do I know which Action Research Template to use?
A. Key components are listed on the Teachers’ PD INC action research model. 
Compare these items with what you are doing and select the one that is the best fit.

Q. Suppose I am in the same phase of the action research as the last time I submitted an action research questionnaire, do I still need to submit a new one?
A. We realize that some phases in the action research are more time intensive then others, especially Phase 1. You should always complete the template that reflects the phase you are currently in, even if that means submitting the same template multiple times.

Q. During the reporting period I implemented multiple phases of the action research cycle, which action research template do I use?
A. If multiple phases of the action research cycle have been implemented then you will need to submit multiple forms. The depth of information may vary but each phase of the action research cycle should be documented.

Q. If each team member is reporting on their own action research intervention How should we prepare for the culminating project action research poster?
A. The poster is a representation of the collaboration between all the members on the team. Each team member has implemented their own classroom intervention that is unique to their classroom or school setting. However each team member is seeking answers to the same research question(s). More information and examples of action research posters can be found on the Teachers’ PD INC website.