New California State Travel Guidelines

Important Travel Guidline Changes:

PD Advisory-Revised Foundation CA State Travel Rates Guidelines (formerly DPA) Please Note that these guidelines are effective as of 16 September 2013. The most important change is that a receipt is required for everything on the calim, including all transportation, meals and incidentals. There are increases in meals and lodging in the state of California.


In order to bring the Foundation CA State Rates Guidelines (formerly Department of Personnel (DPA)) in compliance with the new rates effective September 1, 2013, governing the reimbursement of employee business expenses, the Guidelines, associated documents and forms have been revised. The revisions apply to all travel on or after September 16, 2013.

Significant changes:

CA State Rates Guidelines (formerly DPA Travel Policy)

1. Travel rules of the agency issuing the agreement and/or those cited in the award take precedence over CSR Guidelines/Foundation reimbursement rates

2. Meals and incidental rates have changed

3. Employees may claim only actual expenses and must have receipts to substantiate the amounts claimed

4. Receipts are required for all expenses submitted on the travel claim, including incidentals.

5. Lodging rates have changed - see CSR Quick Check for lodging rates.