Learning Management Systems II


Bill Post, Chief Information Officer of CSU Chico sent out the following:

Beyond 2000
Learning Management Strategic Review


CSU, Chico has been supporting the same Learning Management System, WebCT, for 6 years. In that time the system has been upgraded many times, but the underlying structure of this system has remained the same. As a result, the useful life of this system is coming to an end. The limited set of WebCT features prevents faculty from utilizing more efficient and effective functions now available with the latest set of Learning Management Systems (LMSs).

With all courses now loaded in WebCT, a significant and growing proportion of faculty (currently 60%) and students (currently 90%) use it regularly. WebCT has become the critical academic enterprise system. As an integral part of the learning environment at CSU, Chico, we must provide an LMS which maximizes the use of faculty and student time through improved ease of use, support of national standards, increased assessment capabilities, and support of more effective learning strategies.

LMS II Strategic Review Committee Charge

The LMS II Strategic Review Committee is charged with examining options for moving to a new enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) solution that will carry CSU, Chico into the future. The recommended solution should, if at all possible, allow for deployment by fall 2006 to fit within the CMS implementation schedule. A delay beyond that date may push implementation to fall 2008. Some of the options to be considered by the Committee include:

The committee should also consider that the longer the campus remains with its current system, given the need for faculty training and course migration, the more difficult it will be to move in a new LMS direction.

The LMS II Strategic Review Committee will be co-chaired by Laura Sederberg (TLP), Bill Evans (ATEC), and Cindy Jorth, (FRLN) and will include representatives from:

The committee will make its recommendation to the Vice Provost for Information Resources by March 31, 2005.

Bill Post
Vice Provost for Information Resources and CIO
CSU, Chico

LMS Review Committee Department

Jorth, Cindy
Guenter, Cris
Oppy, Brian
Spiess, Michael
Gardiner, Lorraine
Owens, Margaret
Winzenz, Marilyn
Adams, Steven
Thornton, Bev
Evans, Bill
Sederberg, Laura
Banks, Brooke
Weddington, Phyllis
Tyler, James
Irving, Jean
Thayer, Alisha

Foreign Languages & Literatures
Education Department
Psychology Department
College of Agriculture
Accounting and Management Info
College of Natural Sciences
Provost/Vice President for Acad Affairs
(College of Business) College of Business
Computing and Communications Svcs
Academic Technologies
Technology and Learning Program
Information Resources
Common Management Systems
Meriam Library
Student Records & Registration
Associated Students

As several people mentioned, we need to have broad campus input and communication about this strategic review. We are particularly looking for input from the Beyond 2000, ATAC, and Aura members, but we also will be keeping the campus apprised of information developed by the review process. A web site will be developed with relevant articles and vendor publications for those who wish to dig deeper. We will be holding open sessions for vendor presentations and perhaps a separate open meeting with the committee for input.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about this process.

Bill Post
Vice Provost for Information Resources and CIO
CSU, Chico