Faculty may contact an Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) to schedule a personal consultation about the design of curriculum and the use of technology in teaching practice. Our consultants are all well-versed in supported campus technologies but also have their own areas of specialization which may fit a particular instructional need.

Claudine Franquet

Claudine Franquet - Consultant
(530) 898-5551

M.S. Instructional Technology
B.S. Instructional Technology
Certificate: Recording Engineer 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blackboard Learn and Vista
  • Synchronous Online Classes
  • Student Response Systems (Clickers)
  • Lesson Design and Implementation
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Digital Video, Audio, and Photography
 Marjorie Shepard

Marjorie Shepard - Consultant
(530) 898-3159

B.S. Instructional Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Blackboard Learn
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Turnitin: Originality Check – GradeMark – PeerMark
  • Curriculum Design & Development
  • Training for groups, or one-on-one
  • Support for faculty in person or via phone
 James Aird

James Aird - Consultant
(530) 898-3209

M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction 

Areas of Expertise

  • Blackboard Learn and Vista
  • Support for distance classes (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Student Response Systems (Clickers)
  • Virtual World - Second Life
  • Rubric for Online Instruction and Exemplary Online Instruction web site
  • Community / Organization support

Laura Sederberg

Laura Sederberg - Manager
(530) 898-4326

M.A. Instructional Technology
Standard Secondary Teaching Credential 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Coordinating TLP/Faculty relations
  • Academy e-Learning
  • Rubric for Online Instruction/Exemplary Online Instruction program
  • Affordable Learning Solutions/Open Educational Resources
  • Special Projects and Grants
  • Departmental presentations and collaborations
  • Vendor Relations