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Basic Use, Zoom in, Zoom out, Finding Hot Spot, Panning
  • First, do you have the right plug-in?  Click here if you don't have Quicktime 3
  • To move and/or turn the object click and drag when the hand appears.

  • To zoom-in click and hold the magnifying glass with the plus sign.

  • To zoom out again click and hold the magnifying glass with the minus sign.

  • Some of the objects have a second view.  To go to the other view click in the hot spot area.  To find the hot spot click and hold the arrow with the "?" mark (left). Another way to find the hot spot is when the cursor turns into an arrow (right) then click to go to the next view.

  • Once zoomed, use the pan option to view different areas.  Click on the pan button, then click and drag to pan.  Don't forget to turn it off so the normal operation will continue.

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Created: 2/1999
Updated: 5/03/02
Modified By: KJS