Bb Learn Workshops

Get Started

Intro to Bb Learn

This 90-minute hands-on workshop will provide participants with basic information necessary to start building a course in Bb Learn. Participants will be guided through the process of planning, creating, and organizing the course menu and content area. There will be discussion about the support resources available to faculty and the process to migrate courses from Vista to Bb Learn.


  • Develop your course menu, upload files to courses and work with features of a content area.
  • Add either email or messages to communicate with students.
  • Locate the menus where you add assignments, assessments, and tools.
  • Refer to support materials for selecting the appropriate tools (discussions, blogs, etc)
  • Locate the Grade Center for entering student grades.
  • Use Student View to ensure your course is functioning as expected.
  • Use the My Blackboard menu to check for course updates.
  • Locate additional support resources.

Get Caught Up

What's New in Bb Learn for Spring 2014 (60 minutes)

This informational workshop covers new features and changes to Bb Learn from the previous semester. Spring 2014 changes include date management, inline grading, test availability exceptions, test item analysis, and the retention center.

Blackboard Learn Workshops

Bb Learn Assessments (90 minutes)


  • Create a sample assessment and apply this skill to future courses
  • Add different question types to an assessment.
  • Apply assessment settings such as availability, question randomization & feedback options.
  • Grade a sample assessment in the Grade Center.
  • The participants will be able to become informed about alternate methods to create assessments through Respondus.

Bb Learn Assignments (90 minutes)

This workshop provides hands-on experience creating, presenting and grading assignments in Blackboard Learn.


  • Create and edit Blackboard Learn assignments.
  • Associate a grading rubric with an assignment.
  • Describe different options for presenting assignments to your students.
  • Grade assignments using the in-line grading tool.
  • Download assignments for viewing offline.
  • Locate Turnitin as an option for checking the originality of student work.

Bb Learn Content

This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to planning, organizing, and presenting content in the Blackboard Learn. You will learn the skills needed to integrate content and activities in your Blackboard Learn course. New ways to engage students are provided with mash-ups to pull in content from such web resources as YouTube, and more.


  • Upload files to your course.
  • Add a page to your course.
  • Add an item to your course.
  • Differentiate between a folder, learning module, and lesson plan.
  • Create a folder and organize content within the folder.
  • Add multimedia content using the mashups tool.
  • Refer to the Rubric for Online Instruction when designing your course.

Bb Learn Discussions (90 minutes)

This workshop will provide an overview and introduction to the discussion tool in Blackboard Learn.


  • Differentiate between discussions and other Blackboard Learn tools (Journals, Blogs, Wikis).
  • Post to a discussion from a student's perspective.
  • Differentiate between a discussion board, forum, thread and post.
  • Set up discussion forums and threads.
  • Collect discussion posts.
  • Grade discussions at the forum and thread levels.
  • Create a group and provide access to the discussion board.

Bb Learn Wiki, Blogs and Journals

This workshop will provides hands-on experience creating journals, blogs, & wikis tools in Blackboard Learn.


  • Differentiate between journals, blogs, wikis, and discussions.
  • Post to a journal, blog and wiki from a student's perspective.
  • Create a journal where individual students can post entries.
  • Create both an individual and course blog.
  • Create a wiki space where students can post pages.
  • Identify one or two ways you can present journals, blogs and wikis to students within your course.
  • Create a group and assign a set of tools to that group.

Bb Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is CSU Chico's virtual meeting space where participants can communicate in real-time using audio, video, and text chat. Bb Collaborate enables you to view slides, conduct polls, administer quizzes, tour web sites, and share desktop applications.You can also record your session for playback at a later time.


  • After completing this workshop, you should be able to:
  • Describe the purpose of Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Contrast Bb Collaborate to its predecessor, Wimba.
  • Join a Bb Collaborate session.
  • Collaborate within a session using the Whiteboard, Application Sharing and Web Tour
  • Create a Bb Collaborate session from Bb Learn.
  • Refer to workshop resources for best practices moderating Bb Collaborate sessions.

Bb Learn Grade Center (90 minutes)

This scenario-based, hands-on workshop provides experience working in a live gradebook that contains enrolled students, activities, and grades. The materials were created so that a faculty member can enter the gradebook and edit freely without fear of disrupting an actual live CSU Chico section. Each faculty member has access to his or her own private section and may edit, remove or add data in order to experiment with the gradebook feature of Bb Learn.


  • The participants will be able to examine the full Grade Center and its tools.
  • The participants will be able to experiment with a sample Grade Center, sample data and the associated tools.
  • The participants will be able to take gained knowledge and apply it to their own class grade centers

Bb Learn Groups (60 minutes)

This workshop provides hands-on practice creating, editing, and using groups in Bb Learn.


  • Create the following types of groups: manual enrollment, self enrollment, and random enrollment.
  • Create a group set.
  • Edit the tools available to a group (Blog, Discussion, Email, Journal, Wiki, etc)
  • Grade group work submitted using the group tools.
  • Access groups from a content area or the My Groups shortcut.
  • Create and grade group assignments.
  • Use Smart Views for viewing group grades.

Custom Department Workshops

If your department or other campus group would like to request a personalized TLP workshop in our lab or yours, contact Laura Sederberg to request one. TLP is happy to do workshops in your computer lab or ours, and to tailor one of our existing workshops to your specific audience and questions.

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