Shoot the scene with our video cameras, tripods and accessories which faculty and staff can borrow from our equipment checkout. We have both miniDV and Hi-8 cameras as well as a brand new High-definition hard-drive based camera. 

Edit your video and put it online or burn it to DVD on one of our three G5 Macintosh video editing stations in the MLIB 003 lab. We support Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro for editing as well as iDVD and DVD Studio Pro for disc authoring.

Convert your VHS and DVD materials to digital, online format so students can watch video any time, any place they have an Internet connection. TLP has two capture stations which can convert video to the campus-standard RealVideo format or QuickTime for specialized applications.


Shoot: Our digital still cameras available from equipment checkout come with at least 256 MB memory cards, so you'll be able to shoot hundreds of photos before unloading them to a computer.

Convert and Edit: If you've got slides or photo prints which you'd like to convert to digital format, the MLIB 003 lab has both flatbed scanners and a slide scanner available for faculty and staff use the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop software to manipulate and prepare images for use on the web or in presentations.

Audio and Podcasting

We have three podcasting booths for audio recording. These booths are sound-isolated, designed for use by one person, and feature:

  • Professional Microphones
  • High quality speakers
  • Network connection to capture directly to or from the web pages and applications (Annex booth only)
  • Format digitize / convert: from LP, cassette, open reel (varies by booth) or CD to MP3 or CD.

Faculty Support

(530) 898-6167
  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  Monday - Friday
Lab Location:
  Miriam Library 457