Workshops and Events

Workshop Descriptions

We offer faculty hands-on training on a wide variety of teaching and technology topics.

Signup For Intro Bb Learn Workshops

You can use this Google form to sign up for our start-of-year workshops or go through the normal DTS system.

Custom Trainings

If your department or other campus group would like to request a personalized TLP workshop in our lab or yours, contact Laura Sederberg to request one.

Presentations, Spotlights and Symposia

Spotlights: Blackboard Spotlight presentations allow faculty the opportunity to showcase how they're using the advanced features of our Blackboard Learn system. Watch Spotlight videos on YouTube.

CELT: The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching puts on an annual Conference. Some of the past CELT conference presentations are available on our YouTube channel

TILT: Technology in Learning and Teaching Symposia are informal faculty-to-faculty presentations on current topics and ideas in teaching and learning. Recorded archives of past TILT events are available to watch online. Watch archives of past TILT sessions.