Compliance Training Due Nov 15

Please complete required compliance training due in 2017 or before by Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A list of employees that have not completed compliance training by the above deadline will be provided to the respective Vice President’s office for further action.

Display Delay: there is currently up to an hour delay before your courses will display as finished.



  1. Setup your computer for the training.
  2. Login to the Development and Training System (DTS).
  3. Select My Menu > My Assignment.
  4. Look for any expiry dates on or before 12/31/2017.
  5. Launch, retake or review those trainings.
    • If you review a training, email a scanned copy of the completion certificate and we’ll ensure the DTS records the date you finished.


  • Important information for Mac users, PC users, and mobile devices.
  • Read the instructions to avoid getting stuck. You must enable pop-ups for the e-courses to run successfully. Don’t use Firefox or mobile devices. Chrome typically works well once you enable pop-ups for We advise using an on-campus computer.
  • If you get stuck, please review the FAQs to find answers to your questions, or call ITSS at x4357, or PDEV at x6433, for assistance.

FACULTY: The Faculty Drop-In Lab in MLIB 457 is also available as a place to complete your compliance training online, Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM. Please bring earbuds or headphones for quiet listening.

If you need help prioritizing which compliance course(s) to take first, please work with your supervisor. If you are on sabbatical or leave, please plan to complete this upon your return.

What if I received a notice to complete training, but I have all "green" bars in my DTS dashboard?

This year, we have a different compliance training process:

  1. Training is due earlier (Nov 15 for all 2017 training)
  2. You may need to complete some training "early" (prior to December, despite what the DTS indicates) - for which there is a special process:
    • If you review a training, email a scanned copy of the completion certificate and we’ll ensure the DTS records the date you finished.

Did you know all student employees now have employee email accounts?

In compliance with EM 16-004, the Account Center automatically creates employee email (Exchange) accounts for all student employees. This “Exchange” email account receives official employee information, including notices to complete required compliance training.

Student employees may elect to redirect (i.e., auto-forward) these messages to their student WildcatMail account.

Accessing Exchange Email

Forwarding Exchange Email

Login to the Development and Training System (DTS)

Use your portal account and password to view assigned compliance training

Thank you,
Account Center, Student Employment, and HRSC Professional Development

Compliance Training – How to change the due date…

Is online compliance training due at a bad time for you? You can complete it early during a time of year that is more convenient for you and reset the future retake date. Here's how:

  1. Check when your online compliance trainings expire. Login to the Development and Training System (DTS). Select My Menu > My Assignment. Review the expiry dates for each course.
  2. Complete the course ahead by selecting “Review.” Once finished, forward a copy of the completion certificate to (or via campus mail to HRSC, zip 0010) and we’ll ensure the DTS records the date you finished, which will reset your next course expiry (and retake) date.

Supervisors: Compliance Training Reports Reminder

Yes, it’s time to run reports again!  Please ask employees to complete any compliance training by November 15 that is overdue or has an Expiry Date of 12/31/2017 or earlier.

For your convenience, the reports you generate look forward three (3) months AND capture any past due trainings. More information on running these reports is available on the web pages below. You must have employees reporting to you in PeopleSoft-HR for the report to run. If you need help with reports, please contact Professional Development at, x6433.

Please report DTS error: Launch Terminated

We are looking for anyone that may be receiving the DTS error code, “Launch terminated: The asset is not in the user’s catalog.” We are researching if this is occurring for multiple users.

If you receive this error when you attempt to launch or retake an online compliance course, please submit an ITSS request (using the direct link below). In the request subject line, insert “Launch terminated: The asset is not in the user’s catalog”.

If you have a student employee receiving this error, you can submit an ITSS request on their behalf.  Simply type their name (first and last) in the “Requested For” field, search for and select their name.

Thank you!

The CSU, Chico Development and Training System (DTS) Team