New to Chico State?

Discover recommended and required training for new employees, and when access begins.

Access to Training

If you are new or have had a break in service, the Development and Training System (DTS) will recognize your active payroll status about one week prior to your first paycheck.  Click here for more information about online training.  If you need help enrolling in a workshop or course, contact Professional Development at x6433.

Required Compliance Training

View a list of required training courses for all new CSU, Chico (state) employees.

Recommended Workshops

View a list of recommended workshops for new staff. This collection of workshops provides an overview of campus processes and operations that are essential for new (and existing) support staff. 


To enroll in a workshop on campus: Login to the Development & Training System (DTS).  Click the Schedule tab.  Click on the course title to register and you will receive a confirmation email prior to the event.

Plan Ahead

View the schedule-at-a-glance for a list of pre-planned training.

What's in that workshop?

Click here to view a list of scheduled workshops, to read descriptions, and how to get more information. These workshops are offered to the campus by a variety of departments covering a broad spectrum of topics.