Data Security & Privacy

Online Training for Employees

Who? All CSU, Chico Employees have been enrolled in the “Data Security & Privacy” training.  This includes, but is not limited to, faculty, staff, administrators, graduate assistants, student assistants and anyone with an “active” status in PeopleSoft-HR.
What? The course titled “Data Security & Privacy” provides information security awareness training intended to help CSU employees identify sensitive information (hard copy or electronic), and to provide awareness of common cyber-security threats such as SPAM and Phishing.
Why? The CSU Information Security Policy, Section 8035 as well as other laws and regulations require “all employees with access to protected data and information assets must participate in appropriate information security awareness training.”
Length? Approximately 30 minutes
When? By March 5, 2014 (or 8 weeks after course enrollment)
Frequency? Every 3 years, or more frequently as defined by CSU  or campus policy.
Where? Go to to review system requirements and begin the training.

Need Help?

  • Be sure to read the instructions first.  They provide tips regarding browsers, pop-up windows and Java.
  • For technical support, please contact IT Support Services or (530) 898-4357.
  • Information security and training content questions should be forwarded to or (530) 898-6212.
  • General training questions can be forwarded to or (530) 898-6771.