Cascade Web Content Management System (WCMS) Training

Cascade Training 3.0 with Siteimprove Tutorial*
*(Must have taken Cascade Training for 3.0 for Site Maintainers)
• 3/27/18 (Tues) 9-11AM  THMA 131

Cascade Server is a web content management system that provides a campus-branded and easy-to-update framework for your office or department site. Training takes about three hours and is required before you can access campus websites in Cascade Server. To enroll, please click the link below, log in with your campus credentials, and select “Schedule” in the Development & Training System.


Select a course that best meets your needs:

Cascade Server Training - Next Session TBA

2.0 Basic Web Site Editing

This session provides access and training for basic web editing of websites setup prior to 2016-17. (View a sample.) Cascade Server is a web content management system that provides a campus-branded and easy-to-update framework for campus sites.

Cascade Training for 3.0 Site Editors—Beginners Next session TBA

3.0 Basic Responsive Web Site Editing

If your site was created during 2016-17 and is mobile friendly—view a sample—this training is for you!

Cascade 8 web content management training for content maintainers using the new 3.0 campus web. In the training session, we will go over the basics of editing content in the new 3.0 framework as well as website best practices.

Cascade Training for 3.0 continuation with Siteimprove Tutorial

Cascade 3.0 web content management training continuation with Siteimprove tutorial is a continuation course after taking the Cascade 3.0 site maintainer training. The course is focused for site maintainers can ask questions or need clarification on Cascade 3.0 features. During the course, we will go over Siteimprove, providing demos on how to create analytic, quality, and accessibility reports and other features Siteimprove has.

Contact Information

Register: Development & Training System (DTS) > Schedule
Web Services webpage on Cascade Training
Questions? or call (530) 898-6323

More Information

Cascade Server training is required prior to receiving access to add and modify content in the campus Web Content Management System (WCMS).

Instructor(s): Jose Diaz, Web Services

Audience: Campus employees who need or have access to edit their department web sites.

Sponsor(s): Web Services

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