CSU's Got Talent - Webcast: Conversational Intelligence, The key to Success in Life and Business

6/12/18 (Tues), 10-11AM, Webcast

Future Sessions

  • 06/19/18 (Tues), 10:00-11:00AM PT, Cultural Intelligence, What it is and why it Matters at Cal State
  • 07/26/18 (Thurs), 10:00-11:00AM PT, 100 Billion Reasons Why the Internet of Things Will Change your Life Forever
  • 08/28/18 (Tues), 10:00-11:00AM PT, Courage Goes to Work, How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance and Get Results


Learn powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership and mutual success.

Contact Information

All CSU staff and faculty are invited to attend this free webcast training! No registration necessary, limited to the first 200 logins (multiple viewers can sit in the same room and use one link.)

WEBCAST LINK: http://coconnect.calstate.edu/CGT

FLIER: See flier for more information

Please login as a “guest” and then type in your CAMPUS/Your Full Name (i.e CSULB/Steven Spielberg). Listen to the audio via your computer speakers. Also available: join from your mobile device by downloading the Adobe Connect app!

Technical questions: Contact Jennifer Wicks, Executive Producer, jwicks@calstate.edu or 562-951-4525 prior to webcast day.

More Information

Judith E. Glaser (Organizational Anthropologist and Author) will be hosting this webcast.


Watch the recording of “REACH: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone” with Andy Molinsky, Professor at Brandeis University International School of Business and best-selling author.

Watch the recording of “Managing Student Employees” with Beverly Gentry, Manager of Professional Development at Chico State here: https://centralstationu.skillport.com

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