StrengthsQuest Team Building

for Departments and Work Groups

The University Staff Development Program (USDP) is excited to sponsor StrengthsQuest Team Building during Spring 2018 for departments and work groups.

Program: Assessment + Group Session

Cohort participants are requested to commit to approximately four (4) hours total for pre-work and in-person group facilitation, including a 30-40 minute timed exercise, individual reflective activities, and a group session with their co-workers or peers to discuss strengths.


StrengthsQuest (which uses the Clifton StrengthsFinder tool) is an assessment that empowers individuals to identify their top strengths. Coming from the positive psychology movement, the assessment encourages people to focus on developing what they naturally do well, while providing feedback for how to manage weaknesses. It categorizes 34 various strengths and then offers your top five strengths with strategies for understanding how to best apply your unique talents. The tool utilizes the data from decades of research and is backed by the assessment skills of Gallup.

You’ll find out how your skills interweave with others and techniques for building more synergistic group relationships.

Group Session

The objective is to encourage the work team to understand one another’s strengths and partner in ways that could benefit task and project collaboration.

At the end of the cohort session:

  • Employees will learn their top 5 strengths to do their best work.
  • Employees can recognize when to exercise their strengths to accomplish work, create value, and build important relationships at work.
  • Employees can develop their own personal career track and prepare themselves for jobs that maximize their strengths.

Application Instructions

Email for enrollment of a department or work group.  In order to maximize the facilitator’s time while encouraging discussion, group leaders will be asked to submit at least 20-25 participant names per session. Departments can partner with one another to acquire the minimum participants. It is best to create a cohort of participants that will work together after the session. This opportunity is for staff, faculty, and managers – whoever is in your work group!

For more information, e-mail Human Resources Service Center’s Professional Development unit or call (530) 898-6433.