Women’s Leadership Roundtable – Join Us!

9/11/18 (Tues) 12-1PM, CLSA 100B

Future Dates

  • 10/3/2018 (Wed), 12-1PM, KNDL 207/209
  • 11/2/2018 (Fri), 12-1PM, KNDL 207/209
  • 2/5/2019 (Tues), 12-1PM, CLSA 100B
  • 3/8/2019 (Fri), 12-1PM, KNDL 207/209
  • 4/5/2019 (Fri), 12-1PM, CLSA 100B


Join us in discussing a series of topics where we look at various kinds of intersections—our lives as women in various campus positions, our lives as women of various races/ethnicities, and more.

Contact Information

You can find WLRT on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/chicostateWLRT/.

If you’re not a Facebook member, you can go to the following link to view event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/602208413451492/

Join the email list: Contact Beverly Gentry, bgentry@csuchico.edu, x6233.

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More Information

What issues are unique to women in leadership?  These sessions provide an avenue to discuss challenging topics for women working in higher education.

Past discussion topics have included:

  • Me Too
  • Sexism in Academia
  • Chat with Our Campus President
  • Our Jobs: Our Identity?
  • Three Times a Man: To be Raced, Gendered, and Sexed in Higher Ed
  • How to Ask for Things (and Get Them!): Persistence, Assertiveness, and Self-promotion
  • Articulating Accomplishments and Skills
  • The Extra Work We Do

This program provides a valuable means to build relationships across faculty/staff lines, a critical element for engagement across campus.

Audience: Faculty, staff, and managers interested in learning more about issues for women in leadership.

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