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Computer Setup Needed to Power Through an e-Course

IMPORTANT: To avoid getting stuck in the middle of training, please read the following instructions:

  1. PC users: use Chrome or Internet Explorer. Mac users: use Chrome. (Don’t use Firefox or mobile devices. Macs: only the latest version of Safari seems to work.)
    • We recommend using a campus computer to pass through campus and CSU firewalls.
  2. Enable pop-ups for Illustrated instructions can be found on Knowledge Base - Getting Started - Important System Requirements for DTS.  Click on “Enabling pop-ups for…” and select the red title with the name of the browser you’re using.
  3. Once you’ve enabled pop-ups, type the following in the URL of the browser:
    • You will be forwarded to the campus Training and Professional Development web page.
  4. Click the “Login to DTS” button or go to Quicklinks in the left navigation and select “Development and Training System”.
    • You will be prompted to enter your Chico State Portal/Email username and password. Then click the Login button.
    • Note: If you are completing Safety training and see a blank screen when launching the training, or the video does not play, your browser is blocking Flash content. Please contact ITSS or use a managed workstation in MLIB 116 or KNDL 203 (call x6433 for an appointment) to complete the safety training.

My Assigned Training

You can determine which trainings you have been assigned by logging in to the DTS.

  1. Click any training assignment Track with a red or yellow progress bar to see e-courses that display “Launch” or “Retake” in the action column.
    • If your progress bars are green, or you see “Review” in the action column, you are currently in compliance and no further action is needed.
  2. Click Launch or Retake next to the course title. 
    • Exit the training before exiting your browser to save your progress and completion.

You can also review your assignments by selecting My Menu > My Assignment

View screenshots for Navigating the DTS.


There are multiple systems the campus uses to enroll employees in training.  However, there are a few primary systems the campus uses to deliver online training:

  1. The Development and Training System (DTS) is a campus training tool that:
    • Delivers online training
    • Reserves seats for in-person training for multiple training coordinators on campus
    • Records training completion for both online and in-person trainings in the system
  2. is a campus online library of courses on software tools and skills


Have you logged into the DTS and see a blank schedule or blank course catalogs? You will have access just before your first paycheck.

Why the delay?

Behind the scenes you are passing through multiple learning management systems, some of which require you to have "active payroll status" before you can have access.  In short, about a week or so before you receive your first paycheck you should have access to the system.

How will I know?

  • For new employees, the DTS will notify you - by emailing you notices to complete required training within 30 days.
  • For returning employees, the DTS will notify you of any new compliance training you need to take.  Or simply check after you've received your first check.

But what if I need to register for in-person training before then?

Contact the training coordinator or email, explain that you are new and would like to manually register for the class.  While the training coordinator cannot enroll you either until you're in the DTS, they may have a process in place to manually add you to the sign-in sheet or simply have you attend the class and record your attendance after the workshop.

Learning Tracks, Courses, and Notices

When your position is added to a learning track, you will receive a learning track assignment notice.  And then you may receive notices to complete each course within the learning track.

Courses may have expiry dates.  Because courses can be completed independent of a learning track, the course may provide you notice of when it expires (called an Expiry Date).  If you are no longer assigned the learning track that requires this course, you can allow the course to expire and not retake the course.

Notification Schedule for Compliance Training

Learning track, course due dates, and course expiry communications are using a campus standard schedule for compliance training notifications.  Currently, that notification schedule is:

  • 30 days before due/expiration
  • 14 days before due/expiration
  • 1 day after due/expired 
  • 31 days after due/expired 

Expiry Notices

How to reset the next due date when you receive an expiry date:

  • Complete the training.  In most cases, the expiry date will reset based on your current course completion date.
  • If you no longer need the training, let the course expire and don’t retake it.

Thank you for helping us with suggestions

The Development and Training System (DTS) gives us flexibility—and complexity.  Changes in the system often require interaction with the vendor and a discussion of implications and unintended consequences. Thank you for your patience as we work through some of the processes and testing.

Do have questions about being assigned Manager/Lead training?  Or "EDU Supervisor" training? If PeopleSoft sees that an employee "reports to" your position, this training will be automatically assigned to you.

  • If you don't believe anyone should be reporting to you or you've been assigned this training in error, please contact and we will work with HRIS and your department/college to correct the "reports to" assignment in PeopleSoft.

For a list of required trainings and durations, review the “quick list” at

  • Student employees (student assistants, grad assistants, teaching associates, etc.) must also complete these required trainings.

More questions? Go to the DTS FAQs to find more Q&A.

Suggested Topics

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  • Recommended for Staff and Faculty:
    • Time Management: Too Much to Do and Too Little Time
    • Connecting with Others through Diplomacy and Tact
  • Recommended for Managers & Chairs:

Please report DTS error: Launch Terminated

We are looking for anyone that may be receiving the DTS error code, “Launch terminated: The asset is not in the user’s catalog.” We are researching if this is occurring for multiple users.

If you receive this error when you attempt to launch or retake an online compliance course, please submit an ITSS request (using the direct link below). In the request subject line, insert “Launch terminated: The asset is not in the user’s catalog”.

If you have a student employee receiving this error, you can submit an ITSS request on their behalf.  Simply type their name (first and last) in the “Requested For” field, search for and select their name.

Thank you!

The CSU, Chico Development and Training System (DTS) Team

Skillsoft Maintenance Hours

Skillsoft performs weekly maintenance on our site which will cause timeout errors and the inability to login to take training. Below are the hours where Skillsoft performs maintenance.

Sunday: 10AM-1PM PST

Tuesday: 10PM-11PM PST

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