Reports for Managers and Leads

The Development and Training System (DTS) offers reports for managers and leads to view. Those reports give you:

  • A "long list" of all positions that report to you, their learning tracks, the required training courses within each track and the status of each course
  • A "short list" of only the employees who have not completed required training (and "report to" your position)

At this time, the DTS limits this menu option to employees in a manager or lead role. To have access to these reports, you must have employees reporting to you in the PeopleSoft-HR system. More reports-to info…

Learn How in 5 Easy Steps

Recommendations from pilot users:

  • Read through the instructions in their entirety prior to logging into the DTS. 
  • Open two windows side-by-side: one displaying these instructions and another to login to the DTS.
1. Login to the DTS via
2. Select the Manager Main Menu > Reports
Manager Menu image
Please ONLY select "Reports."  (Avoid the "People" and "Courses" options as they do NOT display all relevant information.)

Click on the report name

Recommend: Required Training Not Taken By Track

Manager Reports list image

What is the difference between the reports?

  • Required Training Not Taken By Track answers, "Who has not completed required training?"
    • A "short list" of only the employees who have not completed required training (and "report to" your position)
    • The report captures overdue training, as well as training due to expire in the next three months. View tips for scrubbing and organizing this data.
  • Learning Track Progress By Person then By Track* lists:
    • A "long list" of all direct and indirect reports (including student employees)
    • All learning tracks assigned to them
    • All required training courses in each learning track and the status of each course
    • * A track is a learning track.  Please see FAQs for more information.
4. Click the Select button (to run the report)
Click Select on action
Wait for the request to may take 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on size of report.

View the report

Note: We highly recommend you export the report to Excel because it will be easier to view and sort the data.  See instructions below.

Export to Excel

Recommendation: please glance through the instructions in their entirety to manage anticipated error messages. 


Once the report is generated, click the Export icon.

Note: This website is a trusted source and the export process has known issues with work-arounds shared below.

Export report icon image
B. Click the URL in the "Important Update" message to download the file.
Picture of message that you will see in DTS thas contains the URL you will need to click.

Click the downloaded file to open it in Excel.

Depending on your browser and the way Excel is configured, you may be able to double click on the file and it will load directly in Excel. If not, go into Excel and select FILE OPEN, navigate to the file you download the file will load in Excel.


Click "Close this window" and "Log out" of the DTS.

View our tips and tricks for understanding and analyzing this data.

Would you like instructions on how to create a summary? View Create a Summary Using Excel Pivot Tables for tips on how to create an Excel PivotTable from DTS report data.

Need Help?

  • For more information, contact Professional Development at (530) 898-6433.
  • For assistance with Excel, go to and search for your topic of interest.
  • For DTS support, review tips for Navigating the DTS, or contact Professional Development at (530) 898-6433.