Call for Proposals

CSU Chancellor Tim White has announced a CSU Initiative on Bottleneck Reduction and Student Success.

CSU Chancellor Tim White has announced a $17.2 million initiative aimed at reducing course bottlenecks that impede student progress toward graduation and special projects aimed at enhancing student success and reducing the graduation gap of underrepresented minority students.

A copy of Dr. White's Memo is available here.

A first step in that effort is an attempt to identify successful pedagogical practices that reduce repeatable grades (DFWUI) in high demand courses. All CSUs were invited to provide a list of proven course redesigns in these high demand, low success courses identified in the Chancellor's memo. A set of these courses will be available for dissemination at faculty workshops to be organized in Summer 13 for implementation on campuses in Fall 13. A link to these courses is found here:

Further information on this initiative was provided by Executive Vice Chancellor, Ephraim Smith. That memo is found here

For more information on Chico State's response to this initiative, contact William Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education, at

RFPs for the Course Bottlenecks and Student Success Initiative

The full RFP instructions and submission forms are now posted on the RFP website:  Note that the proposal submission form for “promising course redesign” has been slightly modified for our campus.  Use the template provided below:

Promising Course Redesign Application

“Proven” and “Promising” course proposals must have Chair and Dean approval. Deans will review these proposals and forward to the Provost’s Office.  Please discuss any plans for “Proven” or “Promising” course designs with your Chair and Dean first.  Do not submit proposals without review; the Chancellor’s Office will not consider proposals that have not been approved by the Provost.  Please contact Bill Loker if you are interested in submitting a student success proposal, as several efforts in this area are already underway.