Bachelor of Arts or Science in a Special Major

NOTE: New admissions to the Special Major Program are currently SUSPENDED as of spring 2010.

The special major provides students with an opportunity to design unique courses of study leading to the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. When your academic or professional goals are not adequately accommodated by standard University programs, the special major can meet your needs by allowing you to specialize in a field of study which is not offered as a major program by the University.

Since special majors are unique programs structured to suit particular educational needs, the objectives of the specific programs vary considerably. The majority of students who develop a special major have definite occupational goals, while others pursue intellectual interests which have little or no direct application to occupational pursuits. The special major provides students the opportunity to secure knowledge and skills necessary in the performance of specific occupations or academic fields of study in which the University does not have an approved degree program. Through this avenue, students have the opportunity to satisfy their unique occupational and intellectual pursuits, while drawing upon the faculty and other resources of the University.

William M. Loker
Dean of Undergraduate Education

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