Bike Registration

For more information about bike registration, please contact UPD at 530-898-5555.

How to license (register) your bike: 

Contact the CSU, Chico Police Department Dispatch Center (898-5555) and ask for available times if no times are listed above.

Please bring:

  • Your Bicycle
  • A Photo ID
  • Credit card or check: the cost of registration is $10.00 for initial licensing; renewals are $5.00.

Why License Your Bike?

  • California Department of Motor Vehicles requires all bicycles be licensed.
  • Bike Licensing is powerful protection against theft.
    • When you license your bike, the information you provide is entered into the University Police Department database. If your bike is stolen, we can quickly retrieve the bike's information from the database and enter that information into a statewide law enforcement stolen property database. When law enforcement officers stop a person for any reason while riding a bicycle, the bicycle's serial number is checked against the statewide stolen property database. If the bicycle was reported stolen, it will display as stolen and list the owner's information, so the bicycle can be returned to its rightful owner.
  • Bicycle registration proves ownership in cases where a bicycle is accidentally locked to another bicycle, a bicycle lock jams, or the key to a bicycle lock is lost. CSU, Chico Police Department staff are unable to cut a bicycle lock unless ownership can be proven.

Bike licenses and renewals are available now, and are valid for 3 years.

It is important you not only license your bike, but also be sure to advise law enforcement as soon as possible if your bike is stolen or missing.