Transportation Committee - March 04, 2010

Thursday, March 04, 2010
11:00 – 12:00 – SSC 206

Attendees:  Robyn Hearne; Alan Rellaford; Russell Mills; Suzie Littrell; Trevor Prater; Dennis Frazier; Rick Rees

Zip Car – Robyn Hearne reported Zipcar took back 2 of their 5 cars that were on campus. Ridership was not high enough to warrant keeping them. She said that two parking stalls previously designated for Zipcars are in the process of being converted back to permit parking (one as FS/G and one as R). These are in Hazel lot and in Student Health Center lot. Hallie Bovia, who has been overseeing this program, is currently out on maternity leave. Trevor Prater said he has been overseeing the program during her leave. He said that getting Departmental accounts has been difficult in that the person responsible has to put his/her own credit card info into the database, and people are reluctant to do that. However, there are some departments creating accounts. He said he is in contact with the people at Zipcar weekly, and he thinks they are committed to the program being on campus at least a year. He said they really need better marketing right now. He did say he looks at the usage often, and it appears that a car is used from 8 am to 10 pm almost daily.

Alan Rellaford suggested Summer O and Preview Day would be good times for the program to be marketed; it was also suggested that more advertisement of the program be done during the Housing tours over summer. Suzie Littrell asked if the cars can be used by other non-university people. Trevor said yes, however, they pay a little bit higher rate.

Bike Racks – Hearne reported that the grant put together by Hallie Bovia which would have purchased new bike racks was not approved. Hearne also reported she has been contacted by a company wanting to place a few new bike racks on our campus as a trial. Hearne said she has not followed up on this yet, but will. She said she needs to discuss bike racks with the VP, FMS, and the A.S. To her knowledge, there is no new funding for new bike racks at this time.

Trevor said there was a survey created regarding bike parking on campus in which A.S. was involved to some extent. The survey hasn’t gone out yet. Hearne suggested this committee be able to look at it. She said she will contact Di Falco to follow up. The survey may be a good tool for future.  

On-campus Vehicle Traffic – Hearne said she met with Dennis Frazier and FMS managers regarding driving on campus, including UPD driving on campus. She said everyone was very positive. They agreed to work on getting proper signage in some areas that will designate “FMS only” parking where needed. She said there is a map in progress that will show designated areas for workers to park, and where not to park, etc. UPD and FMS are collaborating to enforce safety issues/liability issues, regarding this. Rick Rees commented that FMS personnel have always been helpful in this area.

Russell Mills commented the worst place dodging vehicles is through the library area, off Warner. It was noted the recycling trucks need some attention. Dennis Frazier also noted that the Pepsi vendor is still driving in off-limits area. Hearne said they are addressing this.

A Lot - Updated Info Hearne reported that the University is working with Chico High to possibly lease the A Lot again. She said it was given back to CHS last year for various reasons, including it was a financial loss. She said nothing is set at this point; if we get it back, will work with housing to possibly allocate spaces for resident hall students. She said she hoped we would know within the next month whether we get that lot back.

Other – Suzie Littrell reported that all General semester permits are now sold out.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30