Transportation Committee - March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009
SSC 306

Attendees: Robyn Hearne, Alan Rellaford, Suzy Littrell, Ken Sator, Debbie Vermette, Eric Reichel, Erin Dacayanan

Parking Unit Update/New Dispensers – Lt. Hearne reported they are getting ready to purchase three new parking meter dispensers. One will go in front of the new Natural History Museum; one will go in the Parking Structure (either on the 2nd or 3rd floor); and they are still to determine where the third one will go. It could be in the Stadium Lot if it can be installed without the installation cost being too high. Otherwise they are considering adding it to the Parking Structure so all three floors will have their own dispenser.  Lt. Hearne said she is meeting with FMS on Friday to discuss installation issues.

The management of all parking lots is going smoother. Signs have been updated. FMS is working on getting all lots updated with new signs.  Also, two new stalls are going up at Yolo for the Autism clinic. (They will be paying for stalls year round – they will own them, and regulate their own permits).

Debbie asked how much the dispensers cost. Robyn said approximately $13,000 each and that does not include the installation, the maintenance on the credit cards, paper, or cellular service. The annual cost to maintain each unit is about $1000 more per year. She said the three we currently bought have paid for themselves already. Debbie said that many people don’t know that parking is self-supported and once she knew that, it was easier for her to willingly purchase a parking permit to park on campus. Perhaps others would feel the same way if that information is shared with the campus community.

Chief Reichel added that Robyn communicates system-wide with all parking managers. He said CSU Fresno is looking at buying the same dispensers. Also, the City of Chico has been asking questions about the dispensers. Robyn added that she has been working at the CSU-level with the other parking managers and sharing ideas on how campuses can be more uniform. The parking dispensers is once example of that.

Alan asked how much flexibility there is regarding the look of the permit that comes out of the machine. Robyn said what she can control is the data that is printed on the permit. She can regulate each dispenser individually, and the dollar amount. Alan said he attended a meeting in which there was still confusion as to where to park when one had purchased a day permit from the dispenser.  He said it isn’t clear prior to giving the machine your money, what type of stall the permit is good for. He suggested we check to see if the vendor can pre-print the rolls with a “G” every six inches (or whatever). Robyn said she would look into it.

TDM Update – Chief Reichel said he and the management team (VP Hoffman, Glennda Morse, VP Callendrella, Karla Zimmerlee) received a draft of the TDM study, and later met with Fehr & Pierce, the company working on the TDM. He said they communicated some things which had to be cleaned up (for example, they couldn’t recommend fee increases without union ratification) but for the most part, the document was impressive. It will be presented at a public forum on April 1st, at 5:00 pm in Kendall 207/209. He encouraged all committee members to attend.

Transportation Sub-committee Update – In the absence of Rick Rees, Deborah Furgason reported the committee was scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the results and ideas developed as a result of their 2 days of walking around campus. A draft report will be completed soon and forwarded to the Chief, for presentation at the next Transportation Committee meeting. Chief Reichel suggested that once the report was finalized, it be sent to the Transportation Committee members prior to next month’s meeting so they can be ready to discuss it further. Deborah agreed to relay the information to Rick Rees, sub-committee chair.

Ken Sator said he just got a report from the Chancellor’s Office regarding statistics related to workers comp claims. He said CSU Chico is the 2nd highest in the system for workers comp claims and the 3rd highest in lost work days. Ken talked about this report in some detail and the committee discussed the issues.

It was agreed that as new buildings are designed, it would be nice to see maintenance parking / bike parking incorporated into the plans. Chief Reichel said he saw that with the new Recreation Center plans.

Much discussion also ensued regarding vendors driving on campus; it was suggested that vendors be required to provide identification on their own vehicles.

Chief Reichel said the Master Plan is addressing drop off/pick up spots next to campus, so some of the issues relating to congested areas due to people dropping off and/or picking up people may be remedied in the future.

Alan asked if anyone knew realistically when the Taylor Hall project will begin; Chief Reichel said it is still unknown, but it could be put back on the list as soon as next year. He said he is in constant discussion regarding where UPD will move temporarily, because the Taylor project cannot get started until Yuba Hall is moved.

Ken Sator talked about a sample for a locking-permit-holder for motorcycles/ sports cars, that he got. He gave one to Suzy in cashiering to show permit buyers. The cost is around $10 plus shipping. Suzy will send the flyer to Robyn so she can look at it.  

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.