Transportation Committee - November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008
9:00 – 10:00 am
SSC 306

Attendance: Eric Reichel, Marshall Riddle, Lee Altier, Robyn Hearne, Jim Jessee, Suzy Littrell, Rick Rees, Ken Sator, Debbie Vermette, Alan Rellaford, Glennda Morse

Sub-committee: Chief Reichel reported he was contacted by Vice President Lori Hoffman, who requested a sub-committee be formed to address the needs of campus for parking and traveling within the campus core, especially as it relates to the upcoming construction projects (e.g. First Street renovation, demolition of University Center).

When talking about vehicle traffic ON campus, specifically she is talking about: vendors, faculty, staff (re: drop offs as well as staff workers who have the need to park near buildings such as FMS). She also wants this sub-committee to address routes of travel through the campus core. She does not want the committee to be comprised of administrators; rather, she wants it to be comprised mainly of the people (or their reps) who use the core of campus.

The overall goal, continued Chief Reichel, is to identify who needs to have access to the core of campus, and, how can some of the vehicle traffic in the core of campus be eliminated.

Chief Reichel said he met with Ken Sator and Joseph Han (at the request of VP Hoffman) prior to this meeting. They discussed the possible membership of this sub-committee which should include representatives from:

  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Risk Management
  • FMS – dealing with plans/timelines, etc
  • FMS – dealing with SETC and CSUEU
  • AS – dealing with vendors
  • Faculty
  • Student Affairs
  • University Police
  • Mailroom/Warehouse
  • Student
  • University Public Events

Rick Rees agreed to chair the committee. Deborah Furgason will assist him with logistics and administrative support, including note taking. Lee Altier agreed to represent faculty. The other members will be contacted by Chief Reichel and he (and Deborah) will coordinate efforts with Rick Rees to get the committee off the ground.

Chief Reichel said he would like to see the committee have their report to him by April’s Transportation Committee meeting. He said they should have access to a lot of information regarding easements, right of ways, emergency vehicle access, campus projects and timelines, as well as the Transportation Demand Management study.

Glennda Morse said the idea for another vehicle bridge by the Physical Science building has been in the works. It would allow for a fire truck-rated bridge, and it is written into the Physical Science project which is slated for 2010-11 (after Taylor Hall).

Glennda said the sub-committee can contact her for any information needed from Facilities Planning. Alan Rellaford suggested someone from Public Affairs should be involved regarding getting any new information out to the public. Chief Reichel suggested they probably don’t need to be on the committee initially, but suggested they meet with the sub-committee toward the end.

Lt. Hearne said she has been working with a group regarding vendor access on campus and is in the process of compiling a list of those vendors who have permits to drive on campus. She said she was surprised at how many there are. She suggested the sub-committee look at recommending regulations regarding WHEN vendors come on campus (what DAYS and TIMES are more practical).

Ken Sator said that he, Chief Reichel, and Joseph Han would meet with the sub-committee at their first meeting to impart all information they already have. Chief Reichel said they would bring talking points from each of their areas that this sub-committee should know about.

Other Business: Marshall Riddle, AS Environmental Affairs, said he has been working with a student group who is sponsoring an event on December 8 that will address students’ views regarding the transportation issues they face. The event will take place in the free speech area and he invited all members of the Transportation Committee to attend. The event is meant to not only educate students about what is going on around campus, but also to solicit their ideas. He said that a representative from the TDM Study has come to a meeting already. Glennda asked that in the future, they coordinate visits by the TDM consultants through her office since she coordinates their schedule based on the contract they have in place with the university.

Chief Reichel reported Lt. Robyn Hearne is the campus representative on the Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG). Robyn reported that some visitors from the City of Chico came on Friday and toured our parking lots that hold the new parking dispensers. They were impressed with what they saw. They are looking at various options to update their parking lots.

Ken Sator reported he had the opportunity to test drive some new electric vehicles. Discussion regarding various ideas about electric vehicles on campus followed.

Lee Altier asked if there was a summary published regarding the first TDM Meeting held in September. Glennda said they are working on summarizing the discussion and it will be posted on the Facilities Planning website very soon.

The meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.