Bike Rules

Riding Prohibitions

Pedestrian safety is one of our primary concerns. The riding of bicycles (including coasting while standing with one foot on a pedal) as well as skateboards, rollerblades, unicycles, scooters and Segways (two-wheeled transporters) is prohibited in the core of the CSU, Chico campus.

Bike Registration

Bike Registration is a service provided by the CSU, Chico Police Department and is required by State law. To register your bike, see our Bike Registration page.

Parking Requirements

Bicycles shall be parked only in bicycle stalls and locked to bicycle racks (Bicycle Parking/Campus Core Map).
The following rules apply to bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, unicycles, and segways.

Bicycles are illegally parked when they are:

  • Chained to a tree, light pole, or fence
  • Parked inside a building or in a motor vehicle parking space
  • Parked in fire lanes, emergency exits, or in marked "No Parking" areas
  • Parked in any access roadway, or on sidewalks or walkways
  • Locked or chained to any object other than a bicycle rack.

Impoundment Regulations

Return of impounded bicycles shall be arranged through the CSU, Chico Police Department upon proof of ownership and payment of a $5.00 impoundment fee. In addition, bikes must be currently registered before being released to the owner.

Impoundments may be appealed through Student Judicial Affairs. Student Judicial Affairs is located in Kendall Hall, Room 110. The appeal must be in writing and contain the following information:

  • That it is an appeal of an impoundment action by the University Police Department
  • The name, current address, and telephone number of the appellant
  • The reason for the appeal and the facts supporting the reason
  • The appeal will be decided by a Student Judicial Affairs representative following a review of the written appeal and an interview with the appellant. All decisions are final.