Parking Permits

Display of parking permits is enforced Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:00pm.

Parking permits displayed improperly will not be considered valid and are subject to citation. Handwritten notes or business cards are not acceptable.

Purchasing a Permit

Student Financial Services coordinates and facilitates the sale of parking permits.  The on-line sale of parking permits is a first-come-first-serve basis. For the specific date, time, and location of permit sales, refer to the Student Financial Services website at:

Permit Display

All permits must be clearly visible from the windshield of the vehicle. 

Hanging permits must be suspended from the rearview mirror and visible at all times while on CSU, Chico campus. Permits must not be obstructed and should hang below any tinted portion of the windshield. The permit face (type and expiration date) must be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.  The permit may also be placed on the driver side dash, with all permit information visible.

Hourly/Daily Permits

Permits purchased from the parking dispenser machines, campus issued daily/weekly permits, and all other non-hanging  parking permits, must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, face up, with the expiration date and time fully visible, and in such a way as to not obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). These permits are valid for any “G” stall.

University Village Residents: UV parking permits are not valid on the main campus. They are only valid for parking at University Village. Residents of University Village must clearly display in their vehicle a University Village parking permit.

Motorcycle: All motorcycles must clearly display a valid parking permit.  Motorcycle permits must not be obstructed by any parts or framework of the vehicle.  Other campus permits such as R, FS and G are also valid motorcycle permits.  Motorcycles may only be parked in marked motorcycle parking spaces no matter the type of permit displayed.

Permit Types and Lot Usage

  • "G" (General) permits:  May park in any available lot/stall posted for G/FS permits.  "G" permits are valid for the semester.
  • "F/S" (Faculty/Staff) permits:  May park in any available lot/stall posted for G/FS or FS only.  Academic  Year permits are not valid for use during Summer Semester.  These permits do not expire.
  • "R" (Reserved) permits: Parking is available in specifically designated reserved "R" stall (R1 permit only in R1 space, R2 permit only in R2 space, etc), or in any other available "G" stall only if designated "R" stall is not available.  Academic Year permits are not valid for use during Summer Semester. These permits do not expire
  • "B" permits: May only park in the designated “B” resident hall lots.  “B” permits are required 24 hours a day and are valid for the semester.
  • "M" (Motorcycle) Decals: May only park in the specially designated Motorcycle stalls. 
  • Emeritus/Retired: May park in any available lot/stall posted for G/FS.  Permit to be used by designated retiree only while attending events, lectures, and other  non-work related campus activities.  It is not to be used while designated retiree returns to work for any period of time. Permit is not for use by family, friends, or associates. When a retired annuitant is rehired, whether for an on-call, part-time, fill-in, or volunteer assignment, he/she is required to pay for parking on campus during the assignment. A staff parking permit must be purchased and emeritus parking privileges will be suspended for the duration of the assignment.
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly: May park in any available lot/stall posted for G/FS.

Parking Lot maps are available at the Police department at the corner of 2nd and Chestnut Streets. 

Lost or Stolen Permits

To obtain authorization to replace stolen parking permits, please visit the University Police Department.

To obtain a replacement for a lost or damaged parking permit, please contact Student Financial Services.