Campus Connection Shuttle Service

What Is Campus Connection?              Campus Connection Logo

Campus Connection is a shuttle service provided FREE of charge by the University Police Department to the campus community as an alternative to walking on campus at night.

Where Does Campus Connection Go?

Campus Connection runs on a route system approximately every 30 minutes and makes stops at various locations throughout the CSU, Chico campus. (Please see map)

Who Can Use Campus Connection?

Campus Connection is available to the campus community, including all CSU, Chico students, staff, and faculty.

How Can I Get A Campus Connection?

A Campus Connection can be obtained by waiting at a designated stop along the Campus Connection route.

Riders must be waiting at a designated stop along the Campus Connection route in order to be picked up and will only be dropped off at a designated stop. (Please see map)

When Is Campus Connection Offered?

Currently, Campus Connection operates every night from 6:00pm until midnight during the fall & spring semesters.

What Campus Connection Is Not

Campus Connection is not to be used in place of a taxi service. It does not make stops downtown, at the airport, at the train station, at Craig Hall, or at private residences. The only stops that will be made are along the designated route. (Please see list of designated stops)

Campus Connection should not be used in lieu of an emergency responder. If you believe you are in danger or need medical assistance, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

If you have a transportation need that cannot be met by Campus Connection, please see Alternative Transportation Options.

Campus Connection Map