Freshman Safe Start Program


Freshman Safe Start is designed to assist freshman students with safety issues that encompass college life in any university environment. It provides support to students who, for the first time, are away from home and often become over-loaded, stressed, or are unprepared for all the changes that they may face in their first year.

The Freshman Safe Start Program is committed to training all incoming freshman students living in University Housing.

Training Topics Include

  • General personal safety tips
  • Sexual assault awareness/prevention
  • Violent dating relationships
  • Hate crimes vs. hate incidents
  • First-year stress issues
  • Overview of resources and assistance available

CSU, Chico and the Freshman Safe Start Program are focused towards successful retention of our students. The organizations involved in this new program recognize that when there is student victimization, inappropriate behavior, or a lack of life-coping skills, educational success and retention can be affected.

Since the fall of 2006, we have trained approximately 9,000 incoming freshman students in on-campus housing. Surveys were collected from all participants, and the feedback has continually been exceptionally positive.

Student Feedback

"I will be more aware."

"Having the police speak about how they handle situations and how willing they are to help made me feel more at ease about college.”

“Very informative. I will use this info throughout college and rest of my life.”

“They knew what they were talking about and did not just show the problem but gave the solution.”

“I've been to many programs on these topics and this was by far the best.”

“Very helpful. I had many questions answered that I had been thinking about. The presentation helped me feel better about being a new student at Chico.”

 "...makes me think about the choices I have to make."

For more information on related Campus Safety issues, please download our presentations on Campus Safety and Rape Drugs.