Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all University facilities and within 25 feet of building doorways, windows, breezeways, air intake, and vents.

Click here for a map of the preferred, designated smoking areas.


Smoking in University facilities, within 25 feet of building doorways, windows, breezeways, air intake, and vented areas are a violation of the CSU, Chico Smoking Policy and the violator is subject to citation for violating campus policy.

This Smoking Violation on Campus citation is similar to a parking ticket in that the regulation has been de-criminalized and is campus-specific. This citation will not be adjudicated in a court of law.


This regulation has been implemented to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the California State University, Chico campus community and visitors to the campus.

California Government Code Sections 7596-7598 permit local governments and college campuses, including those of the California State University system, to pass more restrictive smoking ordinances, regulations and policies than those listed in the California Government Code itself in order to address public health issues that can negatively impact campus communities. 

Additionally, California Code of Regulations Title 5, Division 5, Section 42356 permits the President of each campus to adopt rules regulating smoking on the campus and properties of the California State University. The purpose of that regulation is to mitigate the exposure of members of the campus community to second-hand smoke.

For more information, please see Executive Memorandum 02-108 or the California State University, Chico CODE OF REGULATIONS Smoking Section.