Field Trip Performances

Diavolo US Bank

"A company of daredevil dancers leaping and cavorting." — LA Times
For tickets to this Field Trip Performance, please contact the University Box Office at (530) 898-6333

One never knows what kind of wizardry the gymnasts and dancers of Diavolo will pull off, but you can always be assured of a Diavolo performance having a big "wow" factor. These performers evoke playfulness in all they do as they manipulate, tumble, climb, and catapult effortlessly from oversize sets and props, combining skill and imagery with silliness, tricks, and effortless movement. These fearless performers plunge off rocking platforms, burst out of trapdoors, scramble over fast-evolving pyramids, and hang onto wheels of every possible size at every possible height and angle. The props are as interesting as the dances themselves. Think giant skateboard ramps and 10-foot metal rings! A Diavolo performance is always entertaining — in a BIG way!

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