Field Trip Performances

An Irish Christmas US Bank

" . . . Music, dance, and song that leaves everyone breathless" — The Village News
For tickets to this Field Trip Performance, please contact the University Box Office at (530) 898-6333

An Irish Christmas kicks off the holiday season with joy, hope, laughter, and friendship. Join us in this celebration of life through storytelling, music, song, and dance in a performance that sparkles with exuberant energy and a bit of old Irish "magic!" Revel in traditional Irish dancing; over brooms, on half doors, around butter churns, into the world of mythology and out again. Soar with Irish singing that spins itself out of the mists and into familiar holiday tunes like "Silent Night," "Little Drummer Boy," and "Carol of the Bells." Marvel at the superb music of the pipes, flutes, fiddles, button accordion, and bodhráns. This is a must-see performance that will make your students bounce in their seats!

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