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“Shapiro has occupied a front-row seat to history.” —

As NPR's White House correspondent, Ari Shapiro has occupied a front-row seat to history. While his stories at NPR have won awards for their impact and depth, the stories Shapiro will share at this event are engaging, funny, and sometimes profound tales that you won’t find on the air. Experience what it really feels like to operate inside the White House bubble with the president and his senior staff during some of America’s most consequential moments.

In the last three years, Shapiro has flown to Afghanistan on Air Force One, zoomed down empty New York streets in a presidential motorcade, and watched countless surprising, unscripted moments at the White House. Shapiro began covering the White House in 2010 after five years as NPR's justice correspondent, during which time his coverage of Justice Department policies and controversies chronicled one of the most tumultuous periods in the department's history.

His stories appear on all of NPR's newsmagazines, including All Things Considered and Morning Edition, where he is also a frequent guest host. The first NPR reporter to be promoted to correspondent before age 30, Shapiro has been recognized with several journalism prizes, including The American Bar Association's Silver Gavel for his coverage of prisoners lost in Louisiana's detention system after Hurricane Katrina; The Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize for his investigation of methamphetamine use and HIV transmission; the Columbia Journalism Review's "Laurel" recognition for his investigation into disability benefits for injured veterans; and the American Judges' Association's American Gavel for a body of work reporting on courts and the justice system. He has appeared as a guest analyst on TV news programs including The NewsHour, The Rachel Maddow Show, and CNN Newsroom.

As a speaker, Shapiro draws from his experiences on the front lines of the world's most significant events. A smart, sharp, and widely respected journalist, his story telling savvy transports audiences to the scenes of the stories that become the headlines of our lives.

This performance is co-sponsored by KCHO/KFPR Northstate Public Radio.

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