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Spotlight Performances

Local Dance

Thursday, March 30 | 7:30 p.m.

Laxson Auditorium

Buy Tickets: $20 Adult | $18 Senior | $10 Youth | $10 Chico State Student

Festival Pass Available: $50 includes 1 adult ticket to each Dance Chico! Event. $35 for youth and students.

“A live performance that puts the spotlight on local dance troupes.” - Chico Enterprise-Record

Our region is home to many wonderful dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers, and some of the best will showcase their work at the centerpiece celebration of Dance Chico! week. Hip-hop, ballet, modern, folkloric—the dance is as diverse and rich as our great community. Spotlight artists will be announced in January following the jury process. If your group wants to perform, watch for the application coming out in October.

2017 Spotlight Performers:

Night Terrors
Dance Evolution Performance Company
Choreographer: Sara Alstad

Inspired by the sometimes dark and frightening subconscious thoughts that can suffuse the mind at sleep, "Night Terrors" is a contemporary jazz piece that illuminates one girl's fearful dreams.

Aloha Spirit
Island Fusion by Chico Aloha Dancers
Choreographer: Judy Hamamoto

Welcoming you to the Pacific islands (Oli Kono), French Polynesia (Bora Bora), and New Zealand (Logo te Pate) which is from the Disney movie, Moana, we perform our mele (song) by an island fusion of oli (chant), hula `auana and Tahitian dance with the enticing indigenous rhythms of traditional instruments.

End of Time
Momentum Choreography Collective Performance Team
Choreographer: Amber English

A fast paced, high energy, technical Jazz piece to Beyoncé’s hit song "End of Time."

My Personal Demons
California Dance Company
Choreographer: Marie Welch

This is a contemporary dance piece about how our own “Personal Demons” hold us back and our own journeys in overcoming them.

Sailor’s Hornpipe
Oliver Academy of Irish Dance
Choreographer: Maria Oliver

A storytelling of the life of sailors through dance choreography and rhythm.

Vivaldi Series
Redding City Ballet
Choreographer: Cindy Michaels

A study of independent pieces to Vivaldi concertos.

HYPE Dance Studio
Choreographer: Sarah Blakely

A Fusion Dance Company competition Hip Hop production piece.

Leave No Stone Unturned
Inspire Dance Company, Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
Choreographer: Jarrah Myles

Inspired by the journey of discovery, Leave No Stone Unturned, explores the simpler joys in life like a deep breathe, the holding of hands, smells that remind us of childhood, or sounds that make us want to move.

Open Hands
North State Dance: A Division of North State Ballet
Choreographer: Gabrielle Chaplin

"Open Hands" is contemporary piece that invites the audience to form their own meaning from the particular juxtapositions of movement and music. It was inspired by the need to meet major life changes with grace, dignity and kindness to self and others.

Saroyan Sunshine
Allegory Tribal Bellydance

Allegory Tribal Bellydance, formed in 2006, is an improvisational belly dance troupe from Chico, California. Their piece, Saroyan Sunshine, is a mixture of choreography and improvised belly dancing. Can you guess which song is improv and which is choreographed?

Excerpt from the Ballet Raymonda
Chico Community Ballet
Choreographer: Deborah Jorritsma

This is a high energy classical ballet excerpt from the full length ballet Raymonda, featuring nine Chico Community Ballet dancers on pointe, who have trained at Chico Creek Dance Centre.

Dance Evolution Performance Company
Choreographer: Kathryn DeMontigny

"Do not merely practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; it deserves that, for only art and knowledge can exalt man to divinity." - Ludwig van Beethoven

Mein Heir
California Dance Company
Choreographer: Sonya Kennedy

Based on the musical Cabaret, this Jazz/musical theater piece is about old Germany and how the Germans kept their mind off of going into the upcoming war.

Purging at the Madhouse
Full Force Dance Company
Choreographer: Genevieve Muzquiz

Fun character hip-hop piece with a scary twist! Our piece is a cross between people going crazy and the Purge taking over.

Production Staff

  • Project Coordinator: Karen Avis
  • Technical Director: Justin Vodden
  • Lighting Coordinator/Master Electrician: Monica Bowker
  • Production Manager/Sound Engineer/Music: Matthew Franklin
  • Marketing: Daran Goodsell, Sandra Buckman
  • Graphics/Program: Chris Friske, Felipe Laiton
  • Director Chico Performances/UPE: Stephen Cummins
  • Crew: Thanks to all of the students who work on the Laxson technical backstage crew
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