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University Staff Development Committee

Wendy Bentley TC (from AA) Information Technology Client Services x6284
Mark Brice SA University Housing and Food Service x5174
Karyn Cornell  Committee
Support (from BF)
Human Resources Service Center x6771
Jennifer Duggan SA Office of Admissions x5997
Beverly Gentry Co-Chair
& TC (from BF)
Human Resources Services Center x6771
Flynn Hoffman UA University Advancement x6202
Elaina McReynolds AA Regional and Continuing Education x5681
Pamela Morrell SA Liberal Studies Advising x5802
Mary Quiring TC (from SA) Student Affairs x6131
Yvette Streeter TC (from BF) Environmental Health and Safety x5156
Karen vonBargen
& TC (from AA)
Academic Affairs x5608
Mary Wrightson
Support (from BF)
Human Resources Service Center x6771

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  • AA = Academic Affairs Division, Staff Representative (recommend 4)
  • BF = Business & Finance Division, Staff Representative (recommend 3)
  • SA = Student Affairs Division, Staff Representative (recommend 3)
  • TC = Training Coordinator
  • UA = University Advancement Divisions, Staff Representative (recommend 1)