Adopt a Soldier Wish List

Adopt a Soldier for Christmas  Wish List

twin sheets



small fleece blanket

dark socks

tan boot laces


flip flops (size M –L)


foot cream

foot powder

Q-tips (sm. pkg.)

nail clippers

nail brush

nail file

shoe insoles

lip balm


sun screen

antibacterial hand gel

wet wipes


face scrub

insect repellant

Long zip ties

Sm. tissue packs

hand warmers

razor blade refills (any brands)

Lg. ziploc bags

Lg. laundry bag

sewing kits

batteries (AA or AAA)


DVDs & CDs

comic books

crosswords or Sudoku

beef jerky

energy bars

tuna lunch kits

beef summer sausage


dried fruit

powdered Gatorade

peanut butter (sm. plastic jar)

sugarless gum

garlic powder

salsa (sm. plastic jar)

Please! NO glass, aerosol cans, alcohol, pork or objectionable material

All items must be received no later than Fri. Nov. 22nd

*Donations for postage, a personal note, or children’s art would be appreciated.


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