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Welcome to the Student Veteran Organization's Web site

Mission Statement

Chico State Student Veteran Organization (SVO) is a social and informational organization for students, alumni, and friends. It is a non-political environment in which members can meet, share information, plan activities, and build the camaraderie they were accustomed to while in the service.


Chico State SVO History

Student Vets Helping Student Vets

The Student Veteran Organization is officially recognized by the California State University, Chico. Beginning in 1967, the veterans at Chico State gathered together to retain the camaraderie that had been instilled in them during their service to our country. Over time, the organization maintained a quiet presence on campus.  Reestablished in 2005, the Student Veteran Organization expanded to a network of alumni, students, family, and friends, sharing their knowledge and experiences. Currently, members from all branches of service assist other veterans in accessing their education benefits, employment assistance, housing, physical and psychiatric treatment, and other benefits of the local community. The SVO helps smooth the transition, not only into civilian life, but also into student life.

The Student Veteran Organization is not a military organization.  By definition, a veteran is a civilian, and we celebrate that.  We recognize ourselves as an extraordinary student population with a unique culture.  We have common life experiences, familiar language, and mutual respect.  Regardless of our experience in the military, we all share the common goal of succeeding here and contributing to the diversity of Chico State.  The Student Veteran Organization is committed to supporting every student veteran in their mission of transitional, academic, and professional success.

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