Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, CSU, Chico

Academic Plan Strategic Goals

Goal #1: Enhance student learning–both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Recruit, enroll, retain and graduate a diverse, high-quality student population
  • Offer excellent and distinctive programs
  • Deliver active, collaborative and transformative pedagogies
  • Support student participation in regional, national and international learning opportunities
  • Ensure access to the most effective information and learning resources
  • Provide superior student support systems
  • Demonstrate educational effectiveness
Goal # 2: Nurture excellence in faculty and staff.
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, excellent faculty and staff
  • Strengthen and integrate teaching, scholarship, student learning and public service
  • Support professional growth and achievement
  • Recognize, value and celebrate outstanding performance
Goal # 3: Educate for a sustainable global society.
  • Deliver curricular and extra-curricular programs for sustainability
  • Promote scholarly and creative activities in sustainability
  • Provide regional leadership for sustainable development practices
  • Assist the University to serve as a model sustainable campus
Goal # 4: Serve the North State and beyond.
  • Address diverse educational needs
  • Stimulate sustainable economic development
  • Support a rich cultural and artistic environment
  • Collaborate through mutually beneficial public engagement initiatives
Goal # 5: Strategically manage resources in support of mission, shared values and vision.
  • Marshal resources to achieve mission, vision and goals
  • Align all resources to achieve mission, vision and goals
  • Foster a culture of evidence-based planning and decision making across all units
  • Demonstrate organizational effectiveness

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