Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, CSU, Chico

Academic Plan Shared Values

Student Success Service to Others
Excellence Sense of Place
Diversity Integrity
Community One University

Student Success

We are committed to student success in terms of student access, student learning, student development and student satisfaction.


We share a commitment to excellence in individual and organizational learning and actively pursue continuous improvement and innovation in all our efforts.


We embrace the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding and pursue diversity not just as an idea to uphold, but as a community to form.

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We view ourselves as a collaborative learning community characterized by reason, respect, civility, and freedom of expression.

Service to Others

We acknowledge not only the obligation of public service, but also the value of service to others in defining our character and measuring our performance.

Sense of Place

We share in a distinctive institutional culture embracing a keen sense of place and deep respect for our environment.

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We hold ourselves accountable for our actions consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and intellectual honesty.

One University

We affirm that we are part of “ One University ” where collaboration, mutual support, trust, and common goals define our work together.


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