Academic Plan, 2007-2012

CSU, Chico is an institution that aspires to be, and that is, rich in the spirits of inquiry, community, service, and place. Chico State is a special community of learning and excellence—a place of people and ideas; a place of public purpose and service. What binds us together – teaching and learning – and what commands our attention – our students and the expectations of our communities – define the Chico Experience.

This Academic Plan provides an initial roadmap for our journey to excellence in instruction, research, creative activity, and public service. In it, we identify five Academic Affairs goals and the associated strategies through which we support the university's mission and strategic priorities. We expect to realize these goals over the next five years, that is, by the time of the University's 125 th anniversary. Each fall semester we will share with you an Academic Plan Report in which we will report to you the progress we, as an academic community, have made on implementing the goals of this Plan.

Our goals are now clear and articulate well with the Strategic Plan of the University. While the Plan is not intended to prescribe any one person's function or place, we do hope that it will challenge each of us to reflect on ways in which we can contribute to accomplishing the university's vision, mission and strategic priorities. We look forward to the outcomes of all our efforts.

Academic Affairs