Assessment, CSU, Chico

Assessment Definitions

  • Assessment of Student Learning
    Definition: An ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student learning. Sometimes referred to as assurance of learning.
    Examples/Links: WASC Assessment
  • Course Embedded
    Definition: Using student work that is already part of a course or courses in the program
  • Program Mission
    Definition: A holistic vision of the values and philosophy of the program. The program mission needs to be consistent with campus and college missions. The overall question that the mission statement should answer is: What is the overall unique purpose of this program?
    Examples/Links: Mission Examples (.doc)
  • Student Learning Goal
    Definition: General statement about knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that are expected in graduates from the program
    Examples/Links: Students know basic biological concepts. Students can use appropriate technology tools. Students respect the professional code of ethics for accountants.
  • Student Learning Outcome
    Definition: Clear concise statement that describes how the students demonstrate their mastery of program learning goals (what does the student do, know, or value)
    Examples/Links: SLO Examples (.doc)
  • Course Alignment Matrix
    Definition: A two- dimensional grid showing learning outcomes by course. Within each box on the grid you indicate where (in what course) each of the learning outcomes are introduced, practiced, or where students demonstrate mastery.
    Examples/Links: Generic Example (.doc)
  • Rubric
    Definition: A document that describes how the program assessment will be done. It describes who does what, when, and also includes how and when each student learning outcome is measured, how results will be used, who will reflect on results, and how the measures will be executed.
    Examples/Links: Example from College of Agriculture (.doc)