Assessment, CSU, Chico

Assessment Philosophy

Within this spirit of assessing student learning the Academic Assessment Council (AAC) project has been charged with:

  • Collecting student learning outcomes for all baccalaureate programs, including the General Education Program
  • Helping define what students need to know and/or be able to do upon graduation from each baccalaureate program, including GE
  • Helping people external to the campus determine what student learning outcomes are for each program
  • Taking campus leadership for ongoing campuswide conversations on the nature of student learning assessment and its relationship to effective teaching, learning, and advising.

AAC Members

  • William R. Allen
  • Lee Altier
  • David Daley
  • Jonathan Day
  • Tamra Donnelly
  • Ben Juliano
  • William Loker
  • Jim Morgan
  • Arno Rethans
  • Brooks Thorlaksson
  • Sara Trechter
  • Eddie Vela